Corner TV Stand 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis is Corner TV Stand 2016 model is great. Its space saving design makes it ideal for opening up your room for more options. It ships to you ready to assemble with easy instructions. Accommodates most TVs up to 48 inches. Its beautiful dark color and simple cabinets with glass doors make it look amazing. It fits perfectly in the corner and has enough space to hold all of my components. The best TV stand, It also has a rich look.

Corner TV Stand 2016

WE Furniture Corner TV Stand, 44-Inch, Espresso Wood

I’ve been watching this TV stand for months, wondering if it would accommodate my geeky needs. I finally bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did. I managed to fit 6 of my 7 retro gaming consoles and their control pads inside the cabinet shelves without any issues at all.
Putting it together was fairly easy if you’re ok with putting basic furniture together. Some parts of the console did have dings though, so be mindful of that.
A lot of these reviews seem to lean towards the stand being on the small side in terms of shelf space, which worried me a bit, but it totally worked out. I managed to pop in a classic NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and a Nintendo 64 console with their pads sitting at their sides with enough space for the power and AV cords. My PS2 sits outside on top of the stand next to my oldschool 27″ inch Phillips CRT TV (PS2 console on it’s side but can also sit flat with the 27″ next to it.).

Of course, mind the number of consoles able to fit on each shelf. There is no divider in between the shelves so it makes it a lot easier to arrange your consoles how you see fit.


Combo TV Stand Mount Reviews 2016

Mount-It! MI-860 TV Stand with Mount and Shelves for Storage

This Combo TV Stand Mount is a great little unit for a large area or a small place. Large enough to hold DVR, Blue ray and DVD player. Assembly level is Easy and you will be watching Movies in no time.

So here’s what i found on this one. The Mount-It! MI-860 contemporary TV mount and media component stand combo features two oversized beautiful black silk tempered glass shelves with spacious shelving for all of your surround sound system components, Blu-ray player, game consoles, cable box and place other media components. The built-in TV mount is VESA compatible and fits TVs up to 60 inches in screen size.

Combo TV Stand Mount

Wall mounted TVs look great but offer no storage for audio-video components, whereas classic entertainment centers do not allow the TVs to be installed high up over the shelves. MI-860 offers best of these two options by providing expansive shelf space and elevating your TV with its built-in TV mounting bracket.

It is made from high-strength steel columns and tempered 8 mm thick glass shelves (5 mm on lower shelf) and has a carrying capacity of 88 lbs. The column in the middle comes with cable management system to hide and organize wires between the TV and A/V components.

TV Wall Bracket

Heavy Duty Wall Mount Bracket
TV Furniture ReviewedThis Tv wall bracket mount is impressive and makes the top pick list. Capable of taking up to a 70″ Flat Screen TV and that it can fold up flat to the wall makes it a great buy.

Mount Factory Heavy-Duty Articulating TV Wall Mount – 40 in. – 70 in.

Tv wall bracket

This premium articulating mount is designed to universally fit most LED, LCD, Plasma TVs and other flat panel displays from 40″ to 70″. This unit is designed to use the standard VESA patterns installed in almost all flat screen TVs with a range of 200mm x 200mm up to 400mm x 600mm. Constructed from commercial-grade, heavy-duty steel, and high-quality barrel hinges, this sturdy unit is rated with a capacity up to 100 pounds. The smooth-motion, articulating design allows for tilting, panning, and extension to find the perfect viewing angle. The arms of the television mount can be extended up to 20 inches from the wall or retracted back to within about 3 inches. In addition, the TV can rotate up to 160 degrees left or right and the tilt can be set from +8 to -5 degrees to find your ideal settings. Convenient openings in the arms and back plate provide space to pass cables and wires through for an uncluttered and clean look. For your convenience, the articulating arms and back plate are pre-assembled right out of the box and the step by step instructions will guide you through the simple assembly and installation process. Certifications: RoHS, CE & ISO-9001.


Commercial TV Mounting Bracket

TV Furniture ReviewedDouble your pleasure with this Heavy Duty Commercial TV Mounting Bracket that attaches to ceilings. It will swivel a complete 360 degrees. Easy to mount with 16″ on center mounting holes makes this our top pick for commercial applications.

Includes universal screen adapter, 3 ′ -5 ′ adjustable extension column (EA35) and structural ceiling adapter (CA2) for mounting on 16 ″ joist. Pin-locking pre-set tilt positions at 5º, 20º, 15º and 10º.

Commercial TV Mounting Bracket

Dual Screen TV Ceiling Mount Bracket for 37″63″ LCD LED PLASMA HDTVs ~ Restaurant Style ~ Commercial Grade ~


Modern TV Unit

Modern Wall Unit for Plasma TV or LCD TV or Flat Screen TV Stand TV Furniture ReviewedThis is Modern TV Unit is an elegant piece of European Furniture. easy to assemble and has tons of storage for blue ray disc’s and DVR’s. Be sure to attach to the wall as instructed. We wouldn’t want your expensive Plasma TV on the ground.

Modern TV Unit

The minimalist, off-the floor design of the Altus Plus eliminates the need for a separate wall-mount TV bracket and is the perfect pairing for any flat screen TV up to 60 ″. When installed according to the manufacturer’s directions, the Altus Plus has a 165lb weight capacity which will accommodate most flat screen TVs and A/V components. Installing the Altus Plus at any height is simple, thanks to its innovative metal hanging rail mounting system.

Prepac Altus Plus 58″ Floating TV Stand in White

TV Stands and Entertainment Units

Hi, my name is David I would like to start with thanking you for taking the time to see my website. In the web pages you’re not going to be confronted with a site that’s full of annoying banner ads or pop-up screens.
My only purpose has been to allow people to recognize that Flat Screen TV Stands are greater than merely components that rest on the ground. I think they are the center of your residence. They could supply a particular something to the general decor and at the exact same time make it easier to see your Flat Screen and favorite programs.

I decided it would be a smart idea to establish a web site where individuals could locate the Flat Screen TV Stand or Entertainment Unit they’ve always desired. You will find some great, honest evaluations concerning the different vendors of TV Stands I’ve chosen to include, and also I made certain to add some basic information that you didn’t recognize in the past.


So let’s go. Hopefully you’ll find a TV Stand that will suit you and your Family!

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Some people who visit my website are interested in what I have to say, I understand that some of you are just looking for a TV Stand– plain and simple. Perhaps you even have an idea of what type of Stand you need because you’re simply replacing one? It could even be that you’ve already done loads of research but you haven’t found the best one yet.

In which case, I’ve added a comparison table that will tell you everything you need to know. Oh, and if you feel like it, you can click on the link at the end for the full review.

Just Looking for Information?

Of course, I’ve also added information pages for those of you who are just starting your search and would like to know more about Entertainment Units.

The buying guide will probably interest quite a lot of you because it contains some really useful information on what to think about before you go ahead and press that all important “proceed to checkout” button.

Another point of interest (obviously) is style. I have been in this trade for many years and I’ve seen how technology and design have progressed, and these days you can find all sorts of styles on the market. For a quick overview you can take a look here.

And in case you want to know more about installation, make sure to check the general information section.

Now for the Reviews

Here are my top picks

Dark Wood Entertainment Unit

Wood TV Entertainment UnitTV Furniture ReviewedThis Dark Wood Entertainment Unit is a very nice piece for the money. Clean lines and will go with traditional or modern decor. The quality is excellent. It takes a little time to put together but is well worth it.

Read Reviews for the Sauder Entertainment Center. The Sauder Entertainment Center is a beautiful way to organize your media as well as display some of your favorite decorative pieces.

Dark Wood Entertainment Unit

The Sauder Entertainment Center is a beautiful way to organize your media as well as display some of your favorite decorative pieces. With seven adjustable shelves you have more than enough room for books, speakers, a DVR, DVD player, and any other items that will perfectly display your taste and style. The two cabinets help you to keep your home entertainment center looking neat and organized while keeping necessary items close at hand.

This entertainment center can hold TVs weighing up to 95 pounds and features a gorgeous cinnamon cherry finish. Additional Features Assembly required Includes a 5-year limited warranty About Sauder. Sauder is North America’s leading producer of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture and the nation’s fifth largest residential furniture manufacturer. Based in Archbold, Ohio, Sauder also sources furniture from a network of quality global partners, including a line of office chairs that complement its light and residential commercial office furniture. Sauder markets more than 30 distinct furniture collections in a full line of RTA furnishings for the home, entertainment, home office, kitchen, storage, and bedroom. Sauder is a privately held, third-generation, family-run business. When it comes to home furnishing products, the company prides itself on its awareness that all function and no fashion makes for a dull living space.

That’s why Sauder’s award-winning design team has produced more than 25 collections of stylish furniture that span the design spectrum. From minimalist modern or contemporary to classic 18th century or country styles, Sauder has what you’re looking for. The company offers more than 500 items– most priced below $500– that have won national design awards and generated thousands of letters of gratitude from satisfied consumers. Decorative laminate entertainment. Deep cinnamon cherry finish. Features 7 adjustable shelves and 2 cabinets. Holds TVs weighing up to 95 pounds.