Black Glass Corner TV Stand Review 2016.

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Black Glass Corner TV Stand comes very well packaged and very simple instructions. This takes no time to set up. Takes under 30 minutes to assemble and the instructions given are great, and provide information step by step. Very Solid and sturdy. The black Glass and sleek metal give of a great sharp look. Perfect to set up in a tight corner and can fit most places. I wouldn’t recommend putting a TV bigger than 40 inches on this stand. It sure makes a decorative statement to any house. Highly recommended.

Black Glass Corner TV Stand

Walker Edison 44-Inch Glass and Metal Corner TV Stand, Black

Choice 1 were stands grossly overpriced and choice 2 were stands that were overpriced and cheap quality. I found TV stand searching on the internet painful. Most websites had to many choices, to little information about the stands and very little customer feedback.

I have owned this stand for roughly 5 months now. The stand has a manufacturers weight capacity of 250 pounds.
The stand has plenty of space to hold your TV, cable box, gaming system, odd and ends etc. I don’t have a ruler handy but I can tell you that I have more than enough space and clearance on the shelves. It is a solid stand that has plenty of room and looks awesome. (The picture gives you a good idea what you are working with) I would buy this again and highly recommend this stand. Has plenty of space to store a game system, DVDs, remotes and more.

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