Corner TV Stand 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis is Corner TV Stand 2016 model is great. Its space saving design makes it ideal for opening up your room for more options. It ships to you ready to assemble with easy instructions. Accommodates most TVs up to 48 inches. Its beautiful dark color and simple cabinets with glass doors make it look amazing. It fits perfectly in the corner and has enough space to hold all of my components. The best TV stand, It also has a rich look.

Corner TV Stand 2016

WE Furniture Corner TV Stand, 44-Inch, Espresso Wood

I’ve been watching this TV stand for months, wondering if it would accommodate my geeky needs. I finally bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did. I managed to fit 6 of my 7 retro gaming consoles and their control pads inside the cabinet shelves without any issues at all.
Putting it together was fairly easy if you’re ok with putting basic furniture together. Some parts of the console did have dings though, so be mindful of that.
A lot of these reviews seem to lean towards the stand being on the small side in terms of shelf space, which worried me a bit, but it totally worked out. I managed to pop in a classic NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and a Nintendo 64 console with their pads sitting at their sides with enough space for the power and AV cords. My PS2 sits outside on top of the stand next to my oldschool 27″ inch Phillips CRT TV (PS2 console on it’s side but can also sit flat with the 27″ next to it.).

Of course, mind the number of consoles able to fit on each shelf. There is no divider in between the shelves so it makes it a lot easier to arrange your consoles how you see fit.


Brown Entertainment Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Brown Entertainment Unit is awesome. There are some cons. The package may come slightly damaged with corners of box crushed. If it comes in nice and packaged well then what luck because this is a beautiful unit. Features two glass cabinet doors. Two drawers. One shelf which creates two spaces and holes in the back for wires.

Brown Entertainment Unit

Simpli Home Artisan TV Media Stand for TVs up to 60″, Medium Auburn Brown

I love the stand, the storage, the color everything I love about it. I also read reviews before my purchase how it was so complicated to put together and it took hours. Well if you have common sense you should be fine I’m six months pregnant and put this together by myself in less than an hour .

Every piece of the stand is labeled of course there’s a left and a right for most of the pieces that come as pairs but that’s where common sense comes in its obvious to tell what should face the front and the directions are really clear. All the screws, lock nuts and everything are all labeled as well so you can’t mess up the assembly.
The TV Stand is great quality! Its real wood which I was skeptical about but that is very true. I received mine damaged one of the pieces that holds the drawers the brackets was bent upon arrival. I immediately contacted the store through Amazon and told them the issue and they contacted me asking for pictures of the damage, and shortly after responded that they will replace the broken piece.

For anyone who is looking for a warming and beautiful credenza to brighten up your home, this is an amazing credenza and i highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for beautiful traditional styling.

Multi Storage TV Stand Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Multi Storage TV Stand is finish in a dark brown color. Looks amazing. Two shelves are raised above the unit on each side. This features two file drawers on each side. This stand is very durable and sturdy. Its spaces give great storage.

Multi Storage TV Stand

Furniture of America Torena Multi-Storage TV Stand, Walnut

The only minor complaint I have was one of the glues was no good it turned into a puddy so I was unable to use it and a piece of board chipped off but it’s in an area u can’t see so it didn’t bother me. It came in so many pieces that I was scared I wouldn’t assemble it properly but the instruction manual it came with was fantastic and all the boards are lettered so you know what piece goes where.
I know I will have this piece for many years to come.
(p.s my tv is 43 inches as you can see you can’t put a huge tv on the stand otherwise it will sit on the wings I believe the max is 48 inches).
I set it up all by myself took me some hours and many breaks but I did it and it came out beautiful better than the picture.
It arrived in a huge box (127 lbs) and the poor ups driver had to carry it up the steps … I felt so bad … anyhow it came packaged really well there were no broken boards, missing hardware or anything crazy.
It looks so good in person and feels so sturdy.
I’m so happy!!
I ordered this stand from direct home online and received it in 3 business days so thank you.

Dark Grey Entertainment Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Dark Grey Entertainment Unit features a durable laminate to protect its surface. Fits TVs up to 60 inches. Its charcoal grey color looks great! Assembly inst bad pretty easy to assemble. Also has four spaces created by two shelves. Perfect for storing items.

Dark Grey Entertainment Unit

WE Furniture Wood TV Stand, 58-Inch, Charcoal

Style and function combine to give this contemporary wood TV stand a striking appearance. Console accommodates most flat-panel TVs up to 60 in.
Disappointed by several surface defects including significant scratches on the surface of one shelf (luckily they will be covered up by a DVR) and a quarter inch “impression defect” on the lower front cross piece that will be visible. I ‘d recommend not using a phillips screwdriver as recommend, but a straight one, the bolt accommodates both. All in all, the stand is OK, the pieces fit together well and it’ll do the job

Dark Color Entertainment Credenza Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Dark Color Entertainment Credenza is simple and basic.  Its traditional style and glass doors make it a very nice piece of furniture. Holds TVs weighing 95 pounds or less. Drawers have safety stops. Its assembly is very easy to put together.

Dark Color Entertainment Credenza

Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza, Estate Black

Functionality The biggest drawback for us was that the shelves, when you use all three are too small for DVD cases when standing vertically. You can arrange the shelves to use two of them to hold blu rays, but the third will still be too small. The shelf holes don’t extend all the way down to the floor of the unit, which also limits how low you can put the bottom shelf.
We bought this TV stand because we really liked the looks and dark finish. It’s versatile and quite functional for many tv sizes. The cord hole in the top of the unit is functional if you place your tv on the stand, but might be an eyesore if you plan to wall-mount the tv.
The table-top has a single hole in the center, near the rear (wall) side of it to allow for cords from the top to go into the top-center shelf space. The hold makes use of a typical grommet and cap for finishing off the look and keeping cords organized. Be aware that this hole/grommet will be visible on the top of the unit if you’re planning to wall-mount your tv.
We bought this TV stand because we really liked the looks and dark finish. The cord hole in the top of the unit is functional if you place your tv on the stand, but might be an eyesore if you plan to wall-mount the tv.
Otherwise, It’s a nice, seemingly durable unit that looks great with flat screens. It’s a nice height which keeps it from being too low, but doesn’t make you crane your neck like sitting in the front row of a movie theater.
If you’re planning to wall-mount your tv, be aware that this hole/grommet will be visible on the top of the unit!

Oak Corner Entertainment Unit Review 2016

Corner Entertainment UnitThis Oak Corner Entertainment Unit Hold TVs up to 95 pounds in weight. There’s a space for hidden storage behind the simulated doors. Another thing that’s awesome about this unit is the replacement parts are free! Its dark oak color looks great! Very elegant and sturdy.

Oak Corner Entertainment Unit

Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment Stand, Oiled Oak Finish

The overall assembly took much longer than expected, due to the time trying to get all of the screws to fit just perfectly. I never did get the doors to fit just right, but I can live with it since I don’t open/close them much anyway. Still, I’m giving this a 4 because it took so much effort to assemble (I could’ve paid more for something at a furniture store that was already assembled), and because in the end, the doors are still slightly crooked. But overall i am pleased with the outcome of this product.

Cherry Wood Entertainment Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Cherry Wood Entertainment Unit fits TVs up to 46 inches. Its dark cinnamon cherry color makes it look amazing. Its assembly isn’t bad. This unit isn’t the strongest of TV stands but it does the job. Perfect for smaller TVs and smaller rooms.

Cherry Wood Entertainment Unit

Sauder Beginnings TV Stand with Drawers, Cinnamon Cherry

I like this stand a lot it does have some flaws but overall its not to bad. The price was right in my range and looked like what I was looking for. I shopped all around Charlotte, NC looking for a TV stand. After putting it together, I am very happy with the purchase the stand is sturdy and looks nice. The dark colors really help compliment the other colors in my bedroom.


Wood black Entertainment Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Wood black Entertainment Unit is an awesome combination of both wood color and black color as well. Features a free standing TV stand. Also features two sliding doors with aluminum handles. Glass shelves are also a part of this unit. Fits TVs up to 50 inches. Beautiful unit that will most definitely upgrade your home.

Wood black Entertainment Unit

Manhattan Comfort Morning Side Entertainment Center, Nature and Black

First Off, when I purchased the item Amazon gave an estimate delivery window of about 5 – 7 days. We were anxiously awaiting the delivery of this and were rather disappointed when we received nothing after the 7th day. Their delivery estimate had this arriving in another 7 business days! On the AM Home Delivery website it noted that the 7 business days was the VERY latest the item would arrive, and typically they deliver well before that date. Contacted AM Home Delivery and they told us another few days. Overall i am pleased with the entertainment unit it looks great in my home and my guest love it!

Dark Color Home Entertainment Center Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Dark Color Home Entertainment Center is very sleek its black finish makes it standout and also gives the unit personality. Its has plenty of space and storage. Its fits most flat screens up to around 50 inches.Its tall slim design is very cool.

Dark Color Home Entertainment Center

Altra Woodland Black Home Entertainment Center for TVs up to 42″ With Lots Of Storage Shelves And Cabinets

The Woodland Home Entertainment Center provides you a TV Stand and storage center all in one. This entertainment center will provide you with the large look you want without hurting your wallet. Its dark black color makes it very sleek and sharp looking. Very modern as well with traditional styling too. Very happy with this credenza!

Rainwater Finish TV Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Rainwater Finish TV Unit is good size for any size home. More recommended  for smaller homes. Its rainwater finish gives it a very light greenish color. Perfect for brightening up your home.

Sauder Original Cottage Rainwater Entertainment Credenza for TVs up to 50″ Rainwater Finish

Rainwater Finish TV Unit

If you do not take all of the pieces out and separate all of the hardware that comes with it, you will have a nightmare of a time putting it together. Approximately 1 1/2 hours later, we had a beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture. We had been to several “Furniture” stores and they wanted between $500 and $900 for a TV stand, this piece is not only economical, the color is beautiful, but it is a sturdy piece of furniture. Overall I am impressed with this unit and would buy this or other products from this manufacturer again.I bought this piece, the bookcase, the table and two chairs for my children’s playroom. They can do art or play games on the table and we’re using this to store paint, paper, paper cutter, lamination, pieces and bits, etc., etc., etc.

Overall this entertainment unit looks great and brings light into your beautiful home. I recommend it to anybody who’s trying to add style and comfort to there home.