Corner TV Stand 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis is Corner TV Stand 2016 model is great. Its space saving design makes it ideal for opening up your room for more options. It ships to you ready to assemble with easy instructions. Accommodates most TVs up to 48 inches. Its beautiful dark color and simple cabinets with glass doors make it look amazing. It fits perfectly in the corner and has enough space to hold all of my components. The best TV stand, It also has a rich look.

Corner TV Stand 2016

WE Furniture Corner TV Stand, 44-Inch, Espresso Wood

I’ve been watching this TV stand for months, wondering if it would accommodate my geeky needs. I finally bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did. I managed to fit 6 of my 7 retro gaming consoles and their control pads inside the cabinet shelves without any issues at all.
Putting it together was fairly easy if you’re ok with putting basic furniture together. Some parts of the console did have dings though, so be mindful of that.
A lot of these reviews seem to lean towards the stand being on the small side in terms of shelf space, which worried me a bit, but it totally worked out. I managed to pop in a classic NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and a Nintendo 64 console with their pads sitting at their sides with enough space for the power and AV cords. My PS2 sits outside on top of the stand next to my oldschool 27″ inch Phillips CRT TV (PS2 console on it’s side but can also sit flat with the 27″ next to it.).

Of course, mind the number of consoles able to fit on each shelf. There is no divider in between the shelves so it makes it a lot easier to arrange your consoles how you see fit.


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