Hand Crafted Flip Up TV Cabinet

Hand Crafted TV Cabinet TV Furniture ReviewedThis one of a kind Hand Crafted TV Cabinet is well worth the price. Everything about this unit is amazing. Its features are like no other. Its beautiful wood finish gives for a natural glow. Its unique design allows it to swivel in and out of its case. Its super quiet and very reliable. Everything about this stand is outstanding you will not be disappointed. It also features a beautiful granite counter top.

Hand Crafted TV Cabinet

American TV Lift Cabinet – Handcrafted Low Profile Granite Top Flip Up TV Cabinet (90″ TV Cabinet, Smokey Brown)

This unit is so stunning. it has plenty of features that will make your guest question themselves on getting one of they’re own. The TV flips up out of the cabinet is a magic trick. Its so cool. You can flip the TV down into its cabinet and use the granite top as a table. I wouldn’t recommend setting drinks on top. You could damage your electronics if they get wet. The low profile flip up TV-Lift shown below is a one of a kind design.

Offered only by American TV Lift. American TV Lift engineers have spent countless hours perfecting this TV. Designing lift cabinet technology to ensure the safety and longevity of this unique concept cabinet. It is the perfect addition to your home. When you want the best there is only one place, American TV Lift.

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