Tan Modern Wall Unit Review 2016

TV Furniture ReviewedThis Tan Modern Wall unit Is a stunning piece of furniture. Its design is unique giving it a one of a kind type of look. Gives your house an up to date look that people will love. Its tan colors also compliment it very well.

Tan Modern Wall Unit

Modern Wall Unit Composition 214

This tan unit looks great. In fact it looks amazing. Everything about this stand is great. Yes the assembly took a good minute but it was well worth it in the end. My TV look amazing sitting up on this unit. The multiple tan colors really compliments the inside of my home very well. The spaces in the cabinets and drawers are ideal i can fit a good amount of my belongings inside of them . Its shape is different but that’s what makes it appealing. Overall i think this stand is sweet and i would suggest it to anybody!

It looks like real wood, and we are very satisfied with our choice. We looked at many other stands from many retailers, and felt this was what we were looking for. The price was very reasonable, and the quality looks like the higher priced stands. It looks nice, holds well our TV, DVD player, cable box, dvds and audio CDs, as well as it has two drawers where we can store our documents and other stuff. As I said above, this is a press wood and it looks like that, however PRICE-is excellent, LOOKS-is great, it is STURDY, not bowed or anything … What more do you want if you want to SAVE MONEY and have a NICE PLACE to live?! I would highly recommend this product.



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